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  • When should we begin taking lessons?
    Usually, 4-8 weeks before your wedding.
  • How many lessons will it take?
    It depends on how you imagine your first dance; more elaborate choreography may require more lessons.
  • What should we wear to our first lesson?
    Wear something comfortable that allows freedom of movement. No flip-flops, sling backs, or mules.
  • What do you need to know about our wedding?
    -Will a DJ or band play your song? -Will you wear your hair up or down? -If you are wearing a dress, what will it look like? Don't worry, I won't tell anyone! -If you plan to wear high heels, I will probably need to see those, too. -What is the size of the dance floor?
  • Can you choreograph a group dance for the entire wedding party?
    Of course, I can.
  • Can you help with Mother/Son and Father/Daughter (or other significant person)?
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