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Pro-Am Dancing

Re-invent yourself on the dance floor; leave the studio and try a dance event. Take your dancing to the next level with a Pro-Am Event. You (the Am - as in amateur) and I (the Pro) will join other dancers in a beautiful ballroom to show off your skills on the dance floor.  Glamorous ladies, dapper gents, great music, and a festive environment...there is nothing like it.

 We will have a blast at the competition.  We will compete in National Dance Council of America (NDCA) events; they are offered all over the country.  Competitions are broken up into skill-level categories and by age brackets.  

Tamas will guide you through the entire process:

  • choosing dances

  • deciding on number of dances

  • costume, hair, & make-up

  • practice schedule

You will be well prepared to enjoy the competition.  

Pro-Am Competition (1).jpg
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